Effective Automated Solar Panel Cleaning

Minimum dirt,
Maximum production!

Effective Automated Solar Panel Cleaning


Automated solar panel cleaning  system with unique filtration and water engineering technology. The panels are flushed using “treated water” at a fixed frequency – and at hours that comply with the guidelines of solar panel manufacturers. Thus, the system prevents the losses caused by dirt.

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Do you have a solar system?

There is a simple way to maximize your income!

The math is simple!

Studies have found that solar system output can drop up to 30% without regular cleaning. Improper and poor maintenance impairs the output of the panels and causes damage.

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Which RST system is right for you:

Home system

* Up to 100 panels
* Siliphos Filter
* Local control and supervision
* Warranty period: 12 months

Commercial system

* 100 panels or more
* Commercial filter RST electrolysis
* Application control
* Warranty period: 36 months

One system

100% Production

Clean Panels = Improved Output = Increased Revenue

Proven Technology

RST systems cleans over 1 million panels worldwide – daily.

Financial Profit

Continuous cleaning reduces dirt, prevents declines in productivity, and increases your income


Automatic system – no human intervention when cleaning the panels.

Maintaining Warranty

The system maintains the panels in accordance with the manufacturers’ instructions.

Command and Control

Easy and simple use of the RST application for activation and control.

Service and Warranty

The RST system provides full service and warranty on all components of the system.

Please leave your contact information and we will get back to you soon: